Plano, TX Bed Bug Control

Quality Bed Bug Control For Plano, Texas Business Owners

Here in Plano, TX, we’re proud of the level of safety in our community. Our temperature ranges throughout the year, as do our precipitation and humidity levels, but one thing that never waivers is our sense of community. Sadly, bed bugs don’t care about all of that. They just want to find somewhere to hang out, breed, and feed on your blood at night. Not to frighten you, but your Plano property is susceptible to bed bug infestation, and Bullseye K-9 Detection is here to help.

Since 2016, we have been providing Plano and the surrounding communities with quality bed bug control services. We are the only standalone bed bug service provider in Northern Texas and Hawaii. From the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex to the island of Oahu, we are experienced in the effective detection and elimination of bed bug activity. Seeing as we specialize exclusively in bed bug inspection and elimination, you can be confident in our accuracy, our efficiency, and our effectiveness.

We are proud members of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and the Texas PMA, and we prioritize top-notch service. Our treatment offerings include full space heat treatments, heat chamber treatments, and chemical treatments, depending on the needs of your particular situation. Call us today to schedule your free inspection, we look forward to keeping those bed bugs away.

How To Identify Bed Bug Activity In Your Plano, TX Home

The first step to successful bed bug control is the ability to detect the culprit. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, with oval-shaped bodies, an elongated mouth part, and six legs. They grow up to 1/4 inch long, are wingless, and mahogany brown. After they’re done feeding on the blood of their host, they swell up and become a dark purple color.

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of birds and mammals. They live wherever there is human activity, meaning they can pretty much be anywhere inside of your home. When they want to travel from room to room, they hop onto a person or object and hitchhike their way to a new location. When they get there, they start breeding and building a new nesting site.


How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Your Plano, TX Home

To reduce your chances of suffering from a bed bug infestation, there are several preventative measures that you can try. Review the following suggestions and consider implementing some of them in order to avoid bed bug activity.

  • Cover your box springs and mattresses with protective encasements that keep bed bugs out.
  • Eliminate clutter around the home, reducing conducive hiding spaces.
  • Inspect items before bringing them inside. Pay special attention to second-hand items such as furniture and clothing.
  • Steam clean all curtains, upholstery, and other large items with fabric.
  • Wash and dry all bedding and linens on high heat.

Common Questions People In Plano, TX Have About Bed Bugs

Are they dangerous?

Bed bugs aren’t really dangerous in the traditional sense, meaning they don’t carry any disease-causing bacteria or pathogens that can be spread around. Some people can experience an allergic reaction, depending on their response to bed bug bites.

The real danger with bed bugs is their ability to spread rapidly. They can cause large-scale infestation, which can become impossible to manage. Infestation can seriously hurt your facility’s reputation, which can cause people to stop coming to your business.

Where might I find them?

Bed bugs like to hide out in dark, remote cracks and crevices around the house. They usually hang around their food source, not too far away from human activity so they can gain access overnight.

Some common places to look for bed bug activity are:

  • Cracks in walls and wooden furniture
  • Fibers of the carpet
  • Inside electronics/keyboards
  • Seams of mattresses and box springs
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Wall voids

How did they get inside my property?

Bed bugs chase their food source. They want to hide out where there is frequent human activity because that means they don’t have to travel far for food. They tend to travel on clothing and other belongings, riding from one space to the next.

Will DIY Bed Bug Solutions Work For My Plano, TX Property?

There are a lot of DIY bed bug solutions out there, but they’re not really effective. The trouble with bed bugs is that when they feel threatened, they can go into hiding for long periods of time. They can survive for months without feeding, only to emerge in vast numbers down the line.

To read more about these nocturnal pests, take a look at our bed bug guide. If you’re looking for comprehensive bed bug control services, give us a call today. The team at Bullseye K-9 Detection is ready to identify all bed bug activity in your property and utilize the necessary treatments to fix the problem once and for all.